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Materials for intermediate class about physics applied to medicine and biology

Although on the surface these materials seem to merely support an existing textbook, Intermediate Physics for Medicine and Biology (IPMB), they in fact provide a wide-ranging resource for the entire topic of physics applied to the life sciences. The blog includes sample homework problems, reviews of books related to this topic, and useful information for instructors using the book. For example, you can download and play an IPMB trivial pursuit game, access Russ Hobbie's MacDose video, and much more. IPMB is intended for students who have had a year of physics and a year of calculus, and is aimed at undergraduates.

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The Living Physics Portal is an online environment for physics faculty to share and discuss free curricular resources for teaching introductory physics for life sciences (IPLS). The objective of the Portal is to improve the education of the next generation of medical professionals and biologists by making physics classes more relevant for life sciences students.

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