Resources and community for teaching physics for life sciences


Workshop: Writing and Evaluating Curricular Materials for the Living Physics Portal

January 6, 2018 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm Pacific Time
AAPT Meeting in San Diego, CA

The Living Physics Portal is an effort by the physics and biology faculty and PER/BER researchers to design, develop and disseminate new curricular materials for the courses on introductory physics for the life sciences. An important element of this community and the Portal is for faculty teaching the course to share in writing, testing and using the new materials. But how do faculty transform the materials for their course into educational packages that can be shared by others in the physics community? What are the standards, criteria, and techniques of educational scholarship? How can a faculty member start writing, contributing and testing curricular supplements? The workshop is designed to introduce the concepts, practice, and standards of educational scholarship to those who are new to the field and to guide faculty who are already developing supporting curricular material through the process of submitting their material for community use and review on the Living Physics Portal.