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Dual Themes (Assessment & Community Colleges): Spring 2020

Start Date:  February 21, 2020 End Date:  May 15, 2020
Look at and revise exams together, discuss grading techniques, and consider differences in institutional settings.

The major theme of this group is Grading & Assessment in Intro Physics for Life Sciences (IPLS) classes: Quizzes, exams, homework assignments, and overall class grading schemes will be up for discussion in this themed Working Group around Grading & Assessment. Participants will share examples of tests or syllabi used in their own classes for feedback from the group.


Based on interest and availability of faculty participants, this group will "minor in" Community College Instruction: The unique set of challenges and affordances of teaching in community college settings will guide instructors’ discussions around supporting students making life sciences connections to physics. One third of all life sciences majors complete their physics studies at community colleges, making these classrooms crucial places for interdisciplinary thinking.