Curriculum Swap Beta: Spring 2017

Start Date:  April 4, 2017 End Date:  April 28, 2017
Share and get feedback on an activity you are developing and hear about innovative materials.

  • Weekly 1-hour online video conference discussions
  • Asynchronous discussions
  • Informal discussions with some tasks to complete between meetings
  • Sign up to share a single activity project or assignment
  • Flexibility in activities to meet your own needs and concerns


Using mathematics in science

Student reading, Homework, Exam problem

Specific tools and activities that can help students build math-in-science skills

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Human and Animal Physiology

Classical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves, Thermo & Stat Mech, Electricity & Magnetism, Optics


Edward Redish


Video, Student reading, Pre-class assignment, Homework, Exam problem, Instructor supplement, Restricted access

Lasik surgery is an exciting application of physics: pre-lecture videos, text, homework assignments

Optical Imaging, Surgery, Light Therapy, Optometry, Animal Adaptations, Vision Impairments

Reflection - Curved Surfaces, Refractive Index, Thin Lens, Synthesis and Analysis of Color, Lasers

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Ellynne Kutschera

Priya Jamkhedkar

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