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David Buehrle

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The NEXUS Physics Wikibook Printable Version (ver 0.8)

Remote Learning, Instructor supplement, Student reading, Pre-class assignment

A free set of readings for a one year IPLS course. Available as a PDF file or as free webpages. (version 0.8)

Cross-cutting Biological Concepts

Motion in One Dimension, Motion in Two Dimensions, Newton's First Law, Newton's Second Law, Newton's Third Law, Applications of Newton's Laws, Work and Energy, Linear Momentum, Electrostatics, Electric Fields and Potential, Capacitance, Resistance, DC Circuits, Surface Tension, Statics of Fluids, Geometrical Optics, Interference, Oscillations, Wave Motion, Second and Third Law, Probability, Ensembles, Diffusion

Edward Redish