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Workshop: Activities From the Living Physics Portal at AAPT Winter Meeting 2021

January 15, 2021 from 1:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern Time
AAPT Virtual Winter Meeting 2021

Activities From the Living Physics Portal

Organizers: Adrian Madsen, Nancy Beverly, Nancy Donaldson, Mark Reeves

Date: Friday, January 15

Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST)

Abstract: Join other highly engaged physics instructors in exploring, re-thinking and adapting introductory physics activities and assignments for health science and life science students to emphasize interdisciplinary connections. Participants will be exposed to practical changes they can implement at their home institutions that put students’ experiences at the center of classroom interactions. Participants will join a growing network of physics instructors who share curricular materials and troubleshoot instructional challenges through the Living Physics Portal. Participants will use the Portal to share resources and collaborate with other physics educators. Instructors, lab managers, & community college faculty and those with varying degrees of familiarity with physics for life scientists or active learning are welcome! The goals of the workshop are to enable and excite participants to (a) make curricular or lab changes, (b) focus on students’ experiences and learning, and (c) make physics personally meaningful and coherent with students’ other STEM knowledge.

Welcome (10 minutes)
Introductions (15 minutes, small groups)
Starting with a physics content area and incorporating interdisciplinary life science connections (75 minutes, small groups)
Break (20 minutes)
Large group share out (15 minutes)
Explore the Living Physics Portal (60 minutes, small groups)
Living Physics Portal community (10 minutes, large group)
Closing (10 minutes)


Physics of the Respiratory System - Six Section Module

In-class activity, Lecture materials, Lab, Demonstration, Video, Homework, Exam problem, Instructor supplement, Restricted access, Pre-class assignment, Student reading

Fluid Mechanics of the Lung: A student-centered module on the Physics of the Respiratory System

Healthy Respiratory Function, Physical Mechanisms, Structure/Function Relationships, Respiratory Disorders, Biologically Mediated Mechanisms, Medical Applications

Pressure, Static Pressure, Atmospheric Pressure, Measuring Pressure, Flow Rate, Hagen-Poiseuille Equation

+ 1

Nancy Donaldson

Charles Gosselin

+ 1 more

Biomechanics - Motion and Forces

Instructor supplement, Lab, Pre-class assignment, In-class activity, Homework, Exam problem, Lecture materials, Restricted access, Student reading, Video, Project

Introductory activities involving kinematics and Newton's laws in the context of human biomechanics

Exercise Biomechanics, Biomechanics of Daily Activities, Locomotion and Gait

Position & Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Position & Displacement, 2D Velocity, 2D Acceleration, Projectile Motion, Center of Mass, Force & Acceleration, Interacting Objects, Action/Reaction, Friction


Nancy Beverly

Diffusive Transport

Instructor supplement, Clicker question, Lecture materials, In-class activity, Homework, Lab, Exam problem

Diffusion moves molecules with no energy cost, but it's slow and indirect.

Material Flow, Healthy Cardiovascular Function, Animal Respiratory Variations

Probability Density, Binomial Distribution, Gaussian Distribution

+ 4

Mark Reeves

Phoebe Sharp

+ 4 more


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