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Nancy Beverly

Pedagogical Methods Used

Peer Instruction / Think-Pair-Share, Collaborative problem-solving, Conceptually-oriented activities, Context-rich problems, Project-based learning, Guided inquiry, SCALE-UP / studio / workshop physics, Modeling Instruction, Mathematically-focused activities, Experimentally-focused activities

Life Sciences Focus

Biomechanics, physiology, diagnostic tools, therapeutic modalities, biomedical research techniques. Expanding into the cellular and molecular realm

Education Research and Pedagogy Expertise

Project-based Learning, Competency Assessment, Tailoring curriculum to student interests and needs, Student-driven inquiry

Describe the courses that you teach for life sciences students

Physics for Life Sciences I & II sequence is algebra-based, integrated with lab activities, primarily serving pre-PT, pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dent, and clinical-track exercise science students. Physics of the Human Body is a conceptual one semester course primarily for occupational therapy assistant and performance-track exercise science students. Physics for the Biological Sciences I & II sequence is calculus-based integrated with lab activities, primarily serving biology majors and pre-med students.

What is your approach to teaching physics for life science students?

My goal is is enable students to be able to integrate physics into their future life/health science pursuits. Throughout the course, students practice using physics to enrich their understanding of their own self-selected life scenarios and phenomena

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Biomechanics - Motion and Forces updated with click-and-drag worksheets

Remote Learning, Instructor supplement, In-class activity, Homework, Restricted access, Lecture materials, Lab, Pre-class assignment, Exam problem, Student reading, Video, Project

Introductory class, lab, and homework activities involving kinematics and Newton's laws in the context of human biomechanics

Exercise Biomechanics, Biomechanics of Daily Activities, Locomotion and Gait

Position & Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Position & Displacement, 2D Velocity, 2D Acceleration, Projectile Motion, Center of Mass, Force & Acceleration, Interacting Objects, Action/Reaction, Friction

Nancy Beverly


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