Preparing to Teach Remotely

Start Date:  July 14, 2020 End Date:  September 30, 2020
Critically reflect on how online classes went in the spring and prepare for Fall 2020 remote learning

Adaptiveness and flexibility were key for instructors to move classes online suddenly in the spring. Now that we’re looking ahead to online classes in the fall, we must plan around questions of assessment, physics labs, facilitation of small group work, and more. This working group will support instructors in reflection on the rapid shift during spring 2020 and preparation for the new academic year. Discussions will draw on all resources and updates from our various institutions to help each participant make informed decisions about the fall.


Bond Energy in biology vs physics - lecture, essay question, and grading rubric

Exam problem, Restricted access, Lecture materials

An essay question from an exam PLUS grading rubric about the concept of negative bond energy

Chemical Energy Conversion, Chemical Energy Storage

Work, Conservation of Energy, Internal Energy


Mary Chessey

NEXUS Physics