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Ralf Widenhorn

Pedagogical Methods Used

Peer Instruction / Think-Pair-Share, Collaborative problem-solving, Conceptually-oriented activities, Context-rich problems, Project-based learning, Guided inquiry, Mathematically-focused activities, Experimentally-focused activities

Life Sciences Focus

Physics for pre-health students, physics of instruments and tools used in medicine and biomedical research, hands-on labs, video interviews with physicians and biomedical researchers

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Years teaching physics for life sciences


Describe the courses that you teach for life sciences students

Large lecture hall introductory physics, Introductory physics lab, TA supervision Intermediate level physics in biomedicine

What is your approach to teaching physics for life science students?

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Forces Acting in the Human Body Biomedically Relevant Introductory Physics (BMP)

Instructor supplement, Restricted access, In-class activity, Video, Pre-class assignment, Homework, Student reading, Demonstration, Clicker question, Exam problem

Engage your pre-health students with forces and applications of Newton's Laws as they pertain to the body!

Biomechanical, Dentistry and Orthodontia, Physical Therapy, Exercise Science, Assistive Devices, Healthy Musculoskeletal Function, Musculoskeletal Injury/Disorders, Locomotion and Gait, Kinesiology, Exercise Biomechanics, Biomechanics of Daily Activities, Injury and Injury Prevention

Measuring Inertia, Inertia at Rest, Inertia in Motion, Force & Acceleration, Interacting Objects, Action/Reaction, Recoil, Center of Gravity, Equilibrium, Resolution of Forces, Friction, Pressure, Universal Gravitation

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Nancy Donaldson

Mayuri Gilhooly

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Ultrasound Imaging

Student reading, Instructor supplement, Video, Pre-class assignment, Restricted access, Homework

This curriculum uses videos, text, and assessment questions to explore how sound waves can be used in noninvasive diagnostic imaging.

Cross-cutting Biological Concepts, Ultrasound & Doppler

Transverse Pulses and Waves, Longitudinal Pulses and Waves, Impedance and Dispersion, Wave Properties of Sound, Reflection and Refraction (Sound), Reflection, Refraction, Transmission, Transfer of Energy in Waves, Doppler Effect, Pitch, Intensity and Attenuation, Architectural Acoustics, Wave Analysis and Synthesis

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Ellynne Kutschera

Priya Jamkhedkar

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Pulse Oximetry Lab

Lab, Instructor supplement, Project, Exam problem

This lab allows students to explore spectrophotometers and the functioning of pulse oximeters.

Cross-cutting Biological Concepts, Physical Exam, Cardiovascular Disorders, Healthy Cardiovascular Function, Respiratory Disorders, Other Body Fluids

Refractive Index, Optical Instruments, Synthesis and Analysis of Color, Scattering

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Justin Dunlap

Ellynne Kutschera

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