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Abhilash Nair

Pedagogical Methods Used

Peer Instruction / Think-Pair-Share, Collaborative problem-solving, Context-rich problems, Ranking tasks, SCALE-UP / studio / workshop physics, Modeling Instruction, Tutorials

Life Sciences Focus

Mostly macro- and microscopic biology as contexts for studying how physics plays a role.

Education Research and Pedagogy Expertise

Deep qualitative studies into students' experiences in introductory physics utilizing longitudinal case studies.

Describe the courses that you teach for life sciences students

(Briggs Life Science Studio) BLiSS Physics I & II

What is your approach to teaching physics for life science students?

I believe that students will see through flimsy layers of context. To truly engage students and to impact their beliefs about the relevance of physics, instruction must be authentically motivated and connected to students' lives.


Diffusion Model through Conservation of Momentum and Energy

In-class activity, Lab, Instructor supplement, Restricted access

A sequence of activities to build a simulation of diffusion from principles of elastic collisions.

Cellular Dynamics, Cellular Interactions

Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Linear Momentum, Collisions in One Dimension, Collisions in Two Dimensions, Diffusion, Brownian Motion

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Abhilash Nair

Vashti Sawtelle

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BLiSS Physics - Investigating Electric Potential Sequence

Lab, Instructor supplement, In-class activity

Two lab sequence exploring electric potential from the microscopic to macroscopic

Cellular Interactions

Charge, Electric Field, Electrostatic Potential and Potential Energy

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Vashti Sawtelle

Abhilash Nair

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